Extractors & Masks

Extraction Systems are a must for a cleaner, healthier working environment. Whether it be at home, work or within education, extraction is necessary for the following applications:

    Airbrush & Small Spray Gun over-spray
    • particle & fume removal
    Aerosol Adhesives/Paints/Lacquers
    • filtration and dispersion
    Solder fumes
    • displacement and elimination
    Gas & solvent fumes
    • comprehensive absorption

Face Masks/Respirators may be necessary with solvent based paints or where fumes are likely, as fumes can still be inhaled even with a good extraction system. A particle mask is only sufficient when using water-based or non-toxic paints, such as airbrush acrylics.

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Spray Tanning uses large volumes of non-toxic, water-based product. Extraction and face masks are essential for tanning, as you are spraying large volumes directly at another living, breathing person, rather than at an inaminate object. We strongly recommend wearing face masks and having good ventilation, preferably an extractor as close to the spraying as possible. All spray tanning systems deliver the product onto the client by airborn particles, so be wary of any that claim not to require extraction or masks. And if you opt for a product which claims not to need masks, then there's nothing to stop you taking the extra precautions. The Health and Safety requirement for using masks for spray tanning is explained more in the Client Face Mask product description.

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