Airbrush Paints

Paints offer a wide range of paints for many applications. Iwata airbrushes are the best airbrushes to spray these paints. Please click on the paint logo or the blue links to view the product range.

Com-Art™ water-based acrylic colours are non-toxic and specifically formulated to be ready-to-use in your airbrush, without the need for thinning, filtering or straining. Com-Art™ colours are excellent for fine art, illustration, resin-cast figure model painting and craft applications. Click here to view the range of colours.
Medea Nail Colours are fast-drying colours specially formulated for airbrushing nail art. The colours are ready to spray and are low viscosity, allowing you to use them in the finest airbrushes. Click here to view the range of colours.
Medea Body Art Colours are alcohol-based paints. Designs will last on the skin for 2 to 5 days or sometimes longer, depending on how your client looks after the body art. Click here to view the range of colours.
Medea Textile Colours by Jürek are for airbrush or paintbrush and are suited to all artists, from beginners to professionals, for leather, fabric, wood, paper, canvas, vinyl, glass, primed plastics and primed metals. 'The Lube' special flow enhancer means smoother spraying, no clogging and better fabric abdorption. Click here to view the range of colours and more detailed information in the product descriptions.
Createx™ colours are a general-purpose water-based airbrush paint. Originally designed as a textile paint, Createx™ is widely used by professionals and beginners for fabrics, leather, wood, furniture, illustration, canvas, metal, plastic and fibreglass. Click here to view the range of colours.
Createx™ Illustration Colors™ are a refined, water-based airbrush colours optimized for use with Dru Blair’s Colour Buffer System. Illustration Colors™ offer true fine-line, detailed performance while allowing for re-wettable effects and subtle erasing techniques. As the name implies, Illustration Colors™ are designed with the illustrator and fine artist in mind without catering to the demand for high coverage base colours. Click here to view the range of colours.
Createx Wicked Colours™ are an ultra-high performance, multi-surface airbrush paint suitable for any substrate from fabric to automotive applications. Wicked Colours are perfect for t-shirts, automotive graphics, illustration and almost any application. Click here to view the range of colours.
Createx™ Auto-Air Colors™ are the latest breakthrough in water-based, non-toxic automotive coatings technology. Use Auto-Air Colors™ to achieve brilliant, durable custom paint jobs on cars, trucks, motorcycles and helmets. Click here to view the range of colours.
TRIDENT is a new water-based airbrush paint flows as well as any urethane-based paint. It is suitable for most substrates, including hard, non-porous surfaces such as metal and sealed timber, medium surfaces like paper and board, through to soft, porous surfaces such as fabric and textiles. Click here to view the range of colours.
LifeColor acrylic hobby colours are water soluble model paints excellent for paint brushing or airbrushing onto plastic, resin, metal, vinyl, wood, cloth and ceramics. Click here to view the range of Life Color products.
Click here for information on Using Lifecolor, Lifecolor Nationality Reference and Colour comparison between LifeColor and FS, BS381C, RAL, Humbrol, Molak, Xtra Color, Testor, Tamiya and Gunze.
Wilder is a modelling range of products from Russia. Wilder Textured Earth Line is an acrylic based range of paints containing grains for creating ground surfaces. The Wilder Gunpowder Line are coloured weathering pigment powders. Wilder NitroLine are enamel-based products for weathering effects, washes and filters. The Wilder range also includes additives, dry transfers, sanders, tweezers, metal barrels and resin turrets. Click here to view the range of Wilder products.
Kopykake Kroma Kolors are airbrush colours specifically for cake decorating. They have the impact and intensity needed for virtually all cake decorating airbrush applications, from delicate shadings to lively vibrant colours. Click here to view the range of colours.
Magic Colours Multi-Paints are glycerine-free colours for cake decorating, including a range of easy-flowing metallic colours. They are designed for airbrushing, but can also be applied by a brush or a sponge. Click here to view the range of colours.
Rainbow Dust edible metallic food paint can be used across flowerpaste, modelling paste and sugarpaste. It is great for almost all cake decorations, from tiny ornaments and sugar flowers to complete covering of cakes. Click here to view the range of colours.