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Click here for full contact details! The Airbrush Co. Ltd. is the UK distributor of Iwata, Medea, Artool, LifeColor and Premi-Air.
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Createx Illustration Bloodline Master Set 17 x 1oz (30ml)
Createx Illustration Bloodline Master Set 17 x 1oz (30ml)
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Airbrush Charity Christmas Cards in aid of Cancer Research UK
878.73 Raised
since 30.10.2011
Iwata Kustom TH - Parts
Hover over or click on parts digram or parts table for more info.
Product Info 
User Guide PDF 
 - Airbrush Body for K-THIWS-1107 - Air Cap Cover Ring for Kustom THIWS-1105 - Fan/Oval Pattern Air Cap for Kustom THIWS-1106 - Round Pattern Air Cap for Kustom THIWS-0811 - 0.5mm Fluid Nozzle for Kustom THIWS-0821 - Head Base for Kustom THIWS-0831 - Head Base Packing O-ring for Kustom THIWS-1507 - Fluid Cup Packing (o-ring) for K-TH/TRIWS-0708 - 1/2oz (15ml) Fluid Cup with Lid for Kustom K-THIWS-7182 - Cup Lid for Revolution TR2 & Kustom THIWS-7142 - Trigger Screw for Revolution TR / K-TR/THIWS-7141 - Trigger for Revolution TR & Kustom TR/THIWS-1902 - Packing O-Ring for MAC Valve (pack of 2)IWS-1901 - Micro Air Control Valve for HP-AH/BH/CH/CM-C-Plus/K-CHIWS-1451 - Packing Air Piston (O-Ring) for HP, HiLine, Revolution, K-TR / TH / CHIWS-7121 - Air Valve Set for Revolution TR & Kustom TR/THIWS-7131 - Air Valve Piston for Revolution TR & Kustom TR/THIWS-7312 - Main Body Ring Screw for Revolution TR & Kustom TR/THIWS-1258 - Needle Packing set for Kustom THIWS-7301 - Slide Cam for Revolution TR & Kustom TR/THIWS-7302 - Slide Cam Spring for Revolution TR & Kustom TR/THIWS-7311 - Main Body Ring for Revolution TR & Kustom TR/THIWS-7152 - Needle Chucking Guide for Revolution TR & Kustom TR/THIWS-7703 - Needle Spring for Revolution TR & Kustom TR/THIWS-1707 - Spring Guide for Kustom K-TR/THIWS-0757 - 0.5mm Fluid Needle for Kustom THIWS-1201 - Needle Chucking Nut for HP, HP+, HiLine & KustomIWS-1559 - Preset Handle for Kustom THIWA-FA450 - Pistol Grip Moisture FilterIWS-1651 - Spanner for HP, HP+, HiLine, Micron, RV-TR, K-CH/CM/TH/TR
# Code Optional Parts Price  
E-QD1 *** Quick Disconnect Body 10.99 Add to Cart
E-QDP-IWATA *** Quick Disconnect Plug 4.66 Add to Cart
*** Above 2 should be fitted together 15.65 Add All 2 to Cart
IWA-J002 Badger Hose Adaptor 7.00 Add to Cart
IWA-J00A Aztec Hose Adaptor 7.00 Add to Cart
IWS-0707 3/4oz (22ml) Cup with Lid 32.60 Add to Cart
PA-A-188 Adaptor Iwata (1/8 BSP) to Paasche hose 4.60 Add to Cart
# Code Essential Parts Price  
Airbrush Body 0.00  
04 IWS-1107 Air Cap Cover Ring 10.99 Add to Cart
05a IWS-1105 Fan/Oval Pattern Air Cap 32.60 Add to Cart
05b IWS-1106 Round Pattern Air Cap 32.60 Add to Cart
06 IWS-0811 0.5mm Nozzle 32.60 Add to Cart
07 IWS-0821 Head Base 48.40 Add to Cart
08 IWS-0831 Head Base Packing O-ring 5.10 Add to Cart
10 IWS-1507 Fluid Cup Packing (o-ring) 5.10 Add to Cart
11 IWS-0708 1/2oz (15ml) Cup with Lid 48.40 Add to Cart
12 IWS-7182 Cup Lid 27.65 Add to Cart
13 IWS-7142 Trigger Screw 10.99 Add to Cart
14 IWS-7141 Trigger 65.99 Add to Cart
15 IWS-1902 Packing O-Ring 5.10 Add to Cart
16 IWS-1901 Micro Air Control Valve 16.30 Add to Cart
17 IWS-1451 Packing Air Piston (O-Ring) 5.10 Add to Cart
22 IWS-7121 Air Valve Set 32.60 Add to Cart
23 IWS-7131 Air Valve Piston 10.99 Add to Cart
24 IWS-7312 Main Body Ring Screw 5.10 Add to Cart
27 IWS-1258 Needle Packing set 16.30 Add to Cart
28 IWS-7301 Slide Cam 65.99 Add to Cart
29 IWS-7302 Slide Cam Spring 8.45 Add to Cart
30 IWS-7311 Main Body Ring 16.30 Add to Cart
31 IWS-7152 Needle Chucking Guide 27.65 Add to Cart
33 IWS-7703 Needle Spring 5.10 Add to Cart
34 IWS-1707 Spring Guide 20.99 Add to Cart
36 IWS-0757 0.5mm Needle 10.99 Add to Cart
37 IWS-1201 Needle Chucking Nut 5.10 Add to Cart
39 IWS-1559 Preset Handle 32.60 Add to Cart
40 IWA-FA450 Pistol Grip Moisture Filter 14.50 Add to Cart
45 IWS-1651 Spanner 5.10 Add to Cart
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10% off Tanning Guide Book with purchase of any Tanning Kit
10% off Tanning Guide Book with purchase of any Tanning Kit
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Airbrush Charity Christmas Cards in aid of Cancer Research UK
878.73 Raised
since 30.10.2011
We Accept
01.Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH airbrush
02.Iwata Hi-Line HP-BH airbrush
03.Iwata Kustom TH airbrush
04.Iwata Kustom CH airbrush
05.Iwata Hi-Line HP-AH airbrush

The Airbrush Company Ltd is the UK distributor of Iwata airbrushes and compressors, Medea, Zazzo, Artool, LifeColor, and Premi-Air products.
We also distribute X-Acto, Createx, Auto-Air, Paasche and Badger.