Sparmax Dual-headed Airvalve/Nozzle Tool

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Sparmax Dual-headed Airvalve/Nozzle Tool

This is a multi-functional tool. The nozzle tool end protects the nozzle from damage during its installation or removal. The air valve tool end can be used to adjust the main lever spring tension or remove the air valve. The tool is compatible with most Sparmax airbrushes.

Important notice:
Using any tool such as this in the wrong way or on the wrong airbrush model could result in irreparable damage to your nozzle. So we always recommend that you never remove the nozzle unless it is already damaged. If you thoroughly clean the airbrush using the flush and back-flush procedure, it will prevent the nozzle becoming clogged so that you will not need to remove it. If you do get into a situation where the nozzle must be removed, this is the tool do it safely rather than using the basic spanner provided with the airbrush. This specialised tool will ensure you get the right angle and torque without risk of over tightening.

Please click on this link for our General Airbrush Operation & Cleaning Guide

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