Paasche VL Airbrush Set with 3 Heads

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Paasche VL Airbrush Set with 3 Heads

Paasche VL Airbrush Set - Suction Feed Double Action Internal Mix Airbrush with Three Head Assemblies and Accessories

This is the best way to buy the VL as it comes complete with all three head assemblies (1, 3 & 5), 7ml metal cup, 30ml bottle assembly with spare bottle, 88ml bottle assembly, 6 ft air hose, wrench and airbrush hanger.

This versatile, heavy duty, double action airbrush has extensive uses, capable of fine lines 0.4mm through to a very fast wide 60mm. The VL is an uncompromising workhorse as it is free flowing and extremely durable. The VL set will cover uses from watery mediums to lacquers, automotive and industrial paints. Fluids are suction fed from 1/4oz metal cups to 3oz bottle assemblies. Suitable for either right or left handed users.

The Paasche VL Set is good for these applications:

  • Model Painting
  • Customising
  • Art & Graphics
  • Textile Art

The Paasche VL Set features:

  • Size #1 - Spray pattern: 1/64"- 1" (0.55mm Tip opening) for use with light fluids, i.e. dyes, inks and acrylics
  • Size #3 - Spray pattern: 1/32"- 1 1/4" (0.73mm Tip opening) for use with medium fluids
  • Size #5 - Spray pattern: 1/16"- 1 1/2" (1.07mm Tip opening) for use with heavy fluids
  • Dual-action mechanism
  • Internal-mix

The Paasche VL Set Includes:

  • Paasche VL3 Airbrush
  • Head Protecting Cap
  • Metal Color Cup (1/4oz / 7ml)
  • Bottle Assembly (1oz / 29ml)
  • Bottle, Cap/Gasket (1oz / 29ml)
  • VL#1 and VL#5 Tips
  • VL#1 and VL#5 Needles
  • VL#1 and VL#5 Aircaps
  • Hanger
  • Wrench
  • 6ft Air Hose with couplings
  • "22 Airbrush Lessons" Booklet
  • Protective Case

Clean dry air is essential for best results.

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