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Bradley M. Look - Character Troupe™ Makeup FX™

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Bradley M. Look - Character Troupe™ Makeup FX™

"For the growing number of airbrush makeup artists, I worked with Zazzo® to create the Makeup FX™ Character Troupe™ and Beauty Ensemble™ Templates. While a great deal of facial and body makeups are done using more traditional freehand airbrushing, this line of templates when combined with freehand, will allow you unlimited painting effects! Each template has been based, in part, on ones that were actually used on a notable science fiction series I worked on as a staff makeup artist. The Character Troupe™ Templates are produced with exacting laser-cut precision and advanced polymer technology which can be used with either water-based or solvent-based products. Once you have used one of these templates, you'll want to own the entire Zazzo® Makeup FX™ Series. They're just plain fun to work with!" - by Bradley M. Look

“Bradley M. Look has created these templates for the makeup artist professional in mind. It is such a relief to use patterns and forms designed for our specific art rather than trying to force fine art and automotive templates to do the specialized work we need. The Zazzo® Makeup FX™ are well thought-out, sharp and very easy to clean and store in your makeup kit. Bravo for innovation in our field!!!" - by Todd A. McIntosh

The Zazzo® Character Troupe™ Stencil Set includes six separate stencils, which are used to bring out the alien and/or reptile in anyone! You will be able to create various skin tones, and otherworldly looks.

As Michael G. Westmore says, “On Star Trek we couldn’t have achieved the fantastic alien patterns and continuity without the use of stencil art. I only wish that we had these stencils then!” Also included is a 20-minute instructional DVD focusing on some of the application techniques. Bradley M. Look shows you how to create masterful makeup effects with Zazzo's Makeup FX™ Airbrush Templates.

If you have been scouring the country for an unusual template shape, this is it! Mosaic can be used to create an avant-garde beauty look or give that prosthetic creation an insect-like appearance. And for even more dramatic flair, try spraying metallic-based colors through Mosaic!

Random Breakup
With a growing number of crime detective dramas on television, this template was created to make faux corpses easier to look spot on. By holding Random Breakup either close to or slightly away from the body, you will be able to create realistic, mottled looking skin faster than you can say Abby Singer!

Spot Breakup
For that special creature makeup or latex mask, use Spot Breakup to give your design large spotting effects. Airbrush not only the head, but spray through to the sides of the neck, the chest, back and/or arms. You can combine this Zazzo® Character Troupe™ Template with other Zazzo® Templates to produce even more exotic appearances!

Dot Breakup
This Zazzo® Template consists of irregular circular shapes which, when airbrushed, will give that monster or alien makeup a controlled spot pattern. You can use Dot Breakup on the sides and center of the face, as well as on the back of the hands to enhance the look. To add even more drama, combine with Random Breakup to create a paint theme with more depth.

Edge Breakup
How many times have you wanted a small template to create a variegated breakup for your favorite character effects? Look no further! Use the handy Edge Breakup to give your creation a varied appearance simply by spraying around the outer edge!

This Zazzo® Template consists of Drips where either the center or the outer edges can be used to give your makeup an element of drama or fanciful, other-worldly beauty. You can build up effects from a subtle painting scheme to more intense flair and highlights with Drips.

Also available in addition to these airbrush templates is Zazzo® Makeup FX™ Instructional DVD by Bradley M Look. This 70 minute long DVD gives you an overview of the techniques, appliances and equipment to create makeup effects using Zazzo® Makeup FX™ Beauty Ensemble™ and Character Troupe™.

Emmy-winning makeup artist for Star Trek: Voyager’s “Threshold,” has eight other Emmy nominations to his credit. He was also nominated for the Hollywood Makeup Guild Awards.

Born in Peoria, Illinois, Brad now lives in Southern California, where he works in the entertainment industry. Besides being a Journeyman with the Makeup Artist and Hairstylists Union, Local 706, Brad has taught classes for UCLA and other national universities, as well as internationally on film and television makeup. He holds a Master’s Degree in Makeup from the College Conservatory of Music.

Brad has been listed in the Who’s Who in Entertainment, and has worked on productions such as Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas, A Woman Named Jackie, Deep Space Nine, Congo, Voyager, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: Undiscovered Country and Enterprise, and many other Hollywood productions. Brad has written numerous articles on makeup, including co-writing the book, Star Trek: Aliens & Artifacts.

All Zazzo® products including theses templates are produced with the latest polymer technology for use with either water-based or solvent-based products.

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