The Motorcycle Art of Scott Jacobs (hardback)

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The Motorcycle Art of Scott Jacobs (hardback)

Author: Scott Jacobs
Published by: Airbrush Action
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 117

The Art of Scott Jacobs is the complete full-colour showcase of the most famous Harley artist in the world. Scott’s photo-realistic paintings of Harley-Davidson motorcycles on canvas have helped transcend the "Hog" culture and legitimise it as purebred Americana along with apple pie and baseball.

Scott’s meteoric rise to the top of the art world is already legendary and chronicled here in this beautifully printed, hard-bound edition. Also featured are high gloss images of cars, Indian and custom motorcycles, and some of Scott Jacob’s favourite personal paintings.

Scott’s work can be found gracing the walls of the most esteemed international collectors and A-list rock stars and celebrities.

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