Mike Lavallee's Biomech FX Skull Buster set of 2 (Plus 4 bonus stencils!)

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Mike Lavallee\'s Biomech FX Skull Buster set of 2 (Plus 4 bonus stencils!)

These Artool BioMech FX Skull Buster templates, designed by Mike Lavallee and laser cut by Artool, are made of solvent proof polymer which can be cleaned with solvents. They are easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging them.

This Skull Buster FX set includes:

  • 1x Skull Buster FX template – 10.5" x 9.5" approximately
  • 1x Skull Buster FX template (the same as above in a smaller size) – 8" x 7.25" approximately
  • 4x Bonus Templates! Included with this Skull Buster template set is Tech Support including another 4 templates!

With Skull Buster and Spinal Trap you will experience more of the biological side of things with alien skulls, spinal columns, bones, teeth and claws. Use these templates to create a plethora of biological images where you will not be able to tell where the monster ends and the machine begins!

Simply cut the connecting tabs and detach all of the segments from each other. Mix and match… the possibilities are as endless as deep space.

Included is the set of Tech Support Templates with each BioMech FX Series set (Skull Buster and Spinal Trap). There are several repetitive patterns to replicate a myriad of tooled and machined textures. Create flex hoses and milled-out metal runners by simply moving the template to the end of each column.

Tech Support has a multiple of uses: paint a colour through the centre portion and then move the template slightly over and line up the holes to the widened centre portion of the part you just painted. Airbrush a lighter colour through the holes to create a row of lights down the centre of the pattern. Experiment by layering each template over the other to create an endless array of sophisticated BioMech FX.

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