Gerald Mendez's Aztec FX set of 3

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Gerald Mendez\'s Aztec FX set of 3

Gerald Mendez's Hispanic background along with his art and 25 years of airbrush experience has inspired him to recreate one of the most popular icons and art motifs in Hispanic culture: the Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone. Historically, this design represents the richness of the Aztec Culture.

The detail on the Artool® Aztec FX™ Freehand® Airbrush Templates allows you the freedom to render a sophisticated Aztec art form. Simply cut the tabs to release each positive and negative shape.

Since it is often necessary to airbrush in different scales, the Artool® Aztec FX™ Stencil is produced in three sizes: small – 3.5" x 3.5", medium – 5.5" x 5.5" and large – 10" x 10". Gerald Mendez's Aztec FX™ Stencil Step-by-Step is included on the front of the package.

Artwork by Gerald Mendez

"Take a journey of discovery through the lens of the Artool® Aztec FX™. This is your time!" - Gerald Mendez

Made from solvent proof polymer, these templates can be cleaned with solvents and is easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging them. These freehand airbrush templates are designed by Gerald Mendez and precision laser-cut by Artool®.

Gerald Mendez

Gerald Mendez has been airbrushing since 1986. After his graphic design education in Mexico City, he undertook the challenge to master as many techniques as possible to improve the quality of his artwork – including airbrush and digital illustration, along with airbrush automotive techniques. His drive to create what he terms as “unreal concepts” has motivated him to develop his own personal and unique style. Gerald’s airbrush studio is located in Chino, California and he is currently working as a digital illustrator for Disney Studios while staying busy with custom automotive painting projects.

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