Iwata Studio Series Power Jet Pro compressor

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Iwata Studio Series Power Jet Pro compressor

Iwata Power Jet Pro

The Power Jet Pro compressor features a powerful twin-pump, 1/6 HP induction motor and is equipped with twice the features of the Power Jet Lite; such as two air pressure regulators for precise adjustment of airflow at two individual workstations for running two airbrushes independently.

Iwata Studio Series compressors are powerful, compact and quiet. With oil-less piston motors, they are low maintenance and affordably priced. The Iwata Studio Series are the perfect companion to any of the Iwata airbrushes.

The Power Jet Pro is twice as powerful as the Sprint Jet compressor.

Economically priced, the Power Jet Pro has a 2 litre tank reservoir, which increases moisture separation and smooth’s out the air flow. It delivers all the power necessary to run two fine airbrushes or one high-flow airbrush or a low-volume spray gun at low pressure. This type of machine is preferred when heavy use is expected or higher pressures required.

Built with Iwata’s Smart Technology, it automatically turns the compressor on when you press your airbrush trigger, providing instant air at the pressure you have set it, and turns the compressor off again when the airbrush is not in use.

Like all Iwata Studio Series compressors, the Power Jet Pro comes complete with an airhose and adapters so it can hook up to any brand of airbrush.


View our guide for the applications the Power Jet Pro is best suited for.

New features for the Power Jet Pro:

  • Access holes in compressor case allow users to more easily change the intake filters without having to remove the case adding to ease of maintenance.
  • New moisture filter/air pressure regulator assemblies.
  • Updates to case label and carton artwork.
  • Revised included accessories are more beneficial to the end user now that replacement filters has been added.

The Power Jet Pro features:

Compare these features to other Iwata compressors.

Suitable for running two of the following airbrushes (or similar) concurrently:

  • Neo for Iwata CN, BCN, TRN1, TRN2
  • Iwata Revolution BR, CR, SAR, BCR, TR1, TR2, M1, M2
  • Iwata Eclipse BS, CS, SBS, BCS (not G3, G5, G6)
  • Iwata HP
  • Iwata HP-Plus
  • Iwata Hi-Line (or one HP-TH)
  • Iwata Custom Micron
  • Iwata Kustom series (or one HP-TH)
  • Paasche CC
  • Paasche F
  • Paasche Talon
  • Paasche V
  • Paasche VJR
  • Paasche VSR90
  • Paasche VV
  • Badger 100
  • Badger 150 (except with HD head)
  • Premi Air G35
  • Sparmax SP35, SP35C, MAX-3, MAX-4, HB-040, SP-20X, DH-125
  • Sparmax GP-35, GP-50

Compressor Compatibility & Comparison Charts View our useful compressor guides:
Compressor Comparison Chart
Airbrush/Compressor Compatibility
Compressor Application

Suitable for running one of the following airbrushes, small spray guns or similar:

  • Iwata Eclipse G3
  • Iwata Eclipse G5
  • Iwata Eclipse G6 (not fan pattern)
  • Iwata HP-TH
  • Iwata RG-3 (up to 0.6mm nozzle and at low pressure for tanning only)
  • Iwata LPH-50 (up to 0.6mm nozzle, not fan pattern and at low pressure for tanning only)
  • Paasche H
  • Paasche HS
  • Paasche VL
  • Paasche VLS
  • Paasche MIL-SET
  • Paasche AEC
  • Paasche 200T (at low pressure for tanning)
  • Badger 150 HD
  • Badger 155
  • Badger 175
  • Badger 200
  • Badger 250
  • Badger 260
  • Badger 350
  • Asturo C3 (at low pressures for tanning only)
  • Sparmax GP-850
  • Flake King 500

If you require further advice on choosing the most suitable equipment for you needs and budget please contact us.

More information:

Iwata Studio Series Power Jet Pro compressor is also available as part of these sets or special offers:
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Z-MAKEUP-POWER Iwata Professional Make-Up Kit with Power Jet Pro Compressor £529.00
Z-NAIL-POWER Iwata Professional Nail Art Kit with Power Jet Pro Compressor £540.00
Z-TEXTILE-POWER Iwata Textile Airbrush Kit with Power Jet Pro compressor £559.00
Z-MODEL-POWER Iwata Modeller Airbrush Kit with Power Jet Pro Compressor £559.00
Z-ART-POWER Iwata Art & Graphics Airbrush Kit with Power Jet Pro Compressor £580.00
Z-AUTO-RC-POWER Iwata Custom Graphics Airbrush Kit with Power Jet Pro Compressor £585.00
Z-AUTO-POWER Iwata Custom Graphics Airbrush Kit with Power Jet Pro Compressor £625.00
Z-TAN-POWER-G6 Iwata Professional G6 Spray Gun Tanning Kit with Power Jet Pro Compressor £749.00
Z-TAN-POWER-RG3 Iwata Professional RG-3 Spray Gun Tanning Kit with Power Jet Pro Compressor £795.00
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