Airbase Make-up Kit with Iwata airbrush and Smart Jet Pro compressor

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Airbase Make-up Kit with Iwata airbrush and Smart Jet Pro compressor

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Deliver a fast and flawless finish with our professional quality Airbrush Kits, teamed with the market-leading Airbase Make-up.

This MUA Kit includes an airbrush, a compressor with air hose, 7 shades of Airbase Silicone-based Foundation (10ml), 2 shades of Airbase Silicone-based Blush (10ml), Airbase Silicone-based Bronze (10ml) and Airbase Thinner & Cleaner (30ml).

The Iwata Revolution CR airbrush included is dual-action, offering maximum control over delivery of paint. With a soft and even spray pattern, the CR offers greater comfort when used on the face and body. It has a larger 0.5mm nozzle, perfect for spraying Airbase HD Airbrush Make-up.

The Iwata Smart Jet Pro compressor is powerful, compact and quiet. It features an automatic switch, automatically turning the compressor on when you press your airbrush trigger, providing instant air at the pressure you have set it, and turns the compressor off again when the airbrush is not in use. It has a duty cycle of 60 minutes continuous use. Please click here to view our Airbase Airbrush Kits.

The Smart Jet Pro incorporates a pressure regulator which is extremely useful when airbrushing make-up as it allows you to reduce the pressure when working on the face, particularly around the eyes. For further convenience of control you may add an end-of-line Sparmax bleed valve, an end-of-line moisture filter with bleed valve or a quick release body with air valve with a quick-release plug. And you may upgrade the foundation pack to 30ml bottles (with 100ml Thinner & Cleaner). Please select from the options at the top of this page.

** 30% off Airbase Make-up with purchase of this airbrush & compressor kit
With this kit, you receive 30% off Airbase makeup purchased in the same transaction and all future transactions. We register your kit order as proof of purchase so you do not have to show it again for future orders. You may add an accessory bundle to your kit in the options at the top of this page, which includes the MUA Kit 30% discount. Or you may add any Airbase items to your cart separately. As you add the first Airbase makeup product to your cart, select the discount option at the top the product page to receive 30% off the listed price.
There is no extra discount available on ABFOPACK10 and AAQPACK because our price already includes at least 30% off the separate items. MUA KIT discount on ABFOPACK30 and Airbase Aqua Body Paint is 12.5% because our price already includes the MUA 20% discount.

Optional Accessories
Choose from this selection of accessories to come bundled with your airbrush and compressor kit, or you can add any combination of Airbase make-up products to your cart at 30% off when buying this airbrush & compressor kit.** Starter Pro accessory pack Pro accessory pack Pro Platinum accessory pack
Product Starter Pro Pro Pro Platinum
Perfecting Primer 15ml 15ml 30ml
Cleansing Mitt x x x
Airbrush Cleaning Brushes x x x
Silicone Ready Foundation Brush x x x
Shading Pad x x x
Rose Gold Highlighter 10ml x x
Silver Highlighter 10ml x x
Hand Sanitising Gel 100ml x x
Make-up Brush Cleaner x x
Lip Gloss Palette (Nudes) x x
Lip Gloss Palette (Reds) x x
Lip Gloss Palette (Corals) x
Lip Gloss Palette (Pinks) x
Satin Eye Shadow (40 colours) x
Pearl Eye Shadow (40 colours) x
Concealer Palette x
Corrector Palette x
Micro Powder HD Matte x
Micro Powder HD Glow x
Micro Powder HD Bronze and Contour x
Airbrush Cleaning Pot x
Airbase Briefcase opt

Airbase Make-up Kit with Iwata airbrush and Smart Jet Pro compressor contains these items:
CodeProduct NameQuantityList
C-IW-SMARTP Iwata Studio Series Smart Jet Pro compressor 1 £305.00£305.00
IW-RV-CR Iwata Revolution CR Airbrush 1 £130.00£130.00
ABBL0110 Airbase Pink Blush 01 (10ml) 1 £20.00£20.00
ABBL0210 Airbase Peach Blush 02 (10ml) 1 £20.00£20.00
ABBR0110 Airbase Bronze (10ml) 1 £20.00£20.00
ABFO0010 Airbase Foundation 00 Porcelain (10ml) 1 £20.00£20.00
ABFO0110 Airbase Foundation 01 Light (10ml) 1 £20.00£20.00
ABFO0210 Airbase Foundation 02 Light Medium (10ml) 1 £20.00£20.00
ABFO0310 Airbase Foundation 03 Medium (10ml) 1 £20.00£20.00
ABFO0410 Airbase Foundation 04 Medium Dark (10ml) 1 £20.00£20.00
ABFO0510 Airbase Foundation 05 Dark (10ml) 1 £20.00£20.00
ABFO0610 Airbase Foundation 06 Ebony (10ml) 1 £20.00£15.98
ABCLEAN30 Airbase Thinner and Cleaner (30ml) 1 £10.96£10.96
Total price of separate items including VAT =  £646.00 £641.98
16.41% Saving off List Prices - Total Saving including VAT =  £106.00 save £101.98

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