Paasche Talon 3F Airbrush (all 3 heads)

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Paasche Talon 3F Airbrush (all 3 heads)

The newest addition to the Paasche Airbrush line is the gravity feed Talon. The Talon was designed to be a high-end airbrush for detail and control. The trigger and air valve have been redesigned to allow for a smoother stroke as well as ease of assembly and durability. The gravity feed cup features an 11.8ml (4oz) fluid capacity, which allows you to load enough paint for larger projects. It also features an aluminium lid to avoid any spillage. This airbrush is adaptable to a wide range of applications and is a good choice for the craftsman, decorator, hobbyist, as well as artist.

The Paasche Talon Set includes:

  • Talon Airbrush
  • Braided Hose
  • Wrench
  • Spanner
  • Allen Key
  • Bench Hook Airbrush Hanger
  • Needles, Tips, and Head Caps in all three sizes! (.25mm, .38mm and .66mm)
  • Plus! The new Fan Aircap. This will give a 2.5" - 3" fan pattern for faster, even coverage of larger areas. It works with the size 3 tip and needle. Needs 20psi at 1/2 cfm.
The Paasche Talon is good for these applications:
  • Custom Automotive
  • Body Art
  • Model Painting
  • Hobby and Craft
  • Art and Graphics
The Paasche Talon features:
  • 0.25mm Nickel Silver Tip, Needle and Head Cap
  • 0.38mm Nickel Silver Tip, Needle and Head Cap
  • 0.66mm Nickel Silver Tip, Needle and Head Cap
  • 0.66mm Fan Aircap
  • 4oz (11.8ml) Cup with lid
  • Cut away handle with Pre-set Needle Stop
  • Crown air cap
  • New style Trigger, Piston and Air Valve
  • Internal-mix

Clean dry air is essential for best results.

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