Lindsay Dickhout - Million Dollar Tanning (DVD)

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Lindsay Dickhout - Million Dollar Tanning (DVD)

Application: Spray Tanning
Classification: E - Educational
Running time: 50 minutes
Format: DVD Region 0

Sleeve notes:

Learn how to spray trauma-free, natural looking tans for profit.

Many people put themselves at great risk to achieve a sun-kissed, bronzed look under the sun or a tanning bed. Unfortunately, the consequences of too many years of sunbathing and sunburns result in premature wrinkles, brown spots and, worst of all, skin cancer (the most commonly diagnosed cancer!). In fact, tanning beds deliver more dangerous UV rays in a shorter period of time than does the sun. Tanning beds can also damage your eyesight and immune system and, if not properly sanitized, can be a haven for bacteria.

Sunless tanning provides instant gratification, is by far the safest way to tan, and with Million Dollar Tanning’s system, there’s no reason to use any other approach. In this comprehensive instructional DVD, you’ll learn how to airbrush natural looking, trauma free tans for profit, the necessary accessories and equipment, spray gun and airbrush handling techniques, pricing guidelines and much more.

You’ll learn:

  • Use, maintenance and setup of equipment
  • Compressor choices
  • Airbrush types
  • Spray guns and their adjustments
  • Air hose lengths
  • Colour bottles and side cups
  • Air pressures
  • Spray patterns
  • Pattern overlays
  • Use of Anest-Iwata’s G6, RG-3 and G5 spray guns
  • Use of Iwata airbrushes
  • Fundamentals of airbrushing
  • How to clean your equipment
  • Life of a sunless tan
  • Components of a tanning solution
  • Exfolients
  • Tanning solution
  • Rub-on tanning solution
  • Spraying distances
  • How to make your tan last longest
  • How to spray all body parts
  • How to apply and remove barrier cream
  • How to achieve a natural looking tan
  • Use of a blending brush
  • Troubleshooting
  • Contouring and advanced tanning techniques
  • Salon setup

About the artist:
Lindsay Dickhout, Million Dollar Tan’s creator and CEO, is widely known as the industry expert in the USA for spray tanning. After years of research and testing, the revolutionary Tan Icon was born as Million Dollar Tan’s single tanning solution. Lindsay and her team have spray-tanned numerous celebrities. In 2003, Lindsay opened Million Dollar Tan’s flagship spa for sunless tanning in Newport Beach, California, that has topped every Orange County list of most popular spots. Today, Million Dollar Tan is now sold in retail outlets across the USA and through select websites.

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