George Dent - The Definitive Airbrush Expert (DVD)

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George Dent - The Definitive Airbrush Expert (DVD)

Application: Scale Models
Classification: E - Educational
Running time: 64 minutes
Format: DVD Region 0

There comes a time when painting with an ordinary brush will never achieve that completely realistic finish. With the expert help of George Dent, a variety of different techniques are demonstrated in this latest DVD in the Model rail ‘Expert’ series.

Top modeller George Dent shows you how to:

  • Choose the right airbrush for you
  • Set up and use a compressor
  • Prepare and mask your models
  • Mix paint for spraying
  • Practice technique
  • Create smooth and even coats of paint
  • Apply primers, topcoats and clear coats
  • Achieve special effects
  • Achieve weathering effects
  • Work with acrylic, enamel and cellulose paints
  • Clean and maintain your airbrush

Also Featuring:

Below are screen shots taken from Model Rail, The Definitive Airbrush Expert DVD:

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