Craig Fraser's Steampunk FX2 Grills

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Craig Fraser\'s Steampunk FX2 Grills

Modern-day stencils created in the technical spirit of the Victorian age.

The new Artool® Steampunk FX2® Freehand® Airbrush Templates by Craig Fraser. A firestorm of popularity was ignited with the release of the first Steampunk FX® by Craig Fraser, so a follow-up sequel of these awesome Neo Victorian high-tech creations was inevitable!

The outrageously kewl lineup of Artool® Steampunk FX2® includes: Klockwerks II (SPFX2-1), Jerry-Rig (SPFX2-2), The Lab (SPFX2-3), Grills (SPFX2-4), The Steampunk FX2 Set (SPFX2-5) & The Steampunk FX2 Mini Series Set (SPFX2-5-MS).

In addition, the step-by-step photos and instructional copy by Craig Fraser on each package of the new Artool® Steampunk FX2® Airbrush Templates will now reach many more fans of airbrush art with Spanish translations by acclaimed artist, Gerald Mendez.

Steampunk FX2 Grills:
"You really gotta love these self-explanatory titles! Grills is basically a collection of speaker grills and/or vents designed to give your creation the proper look of a well ventilated Steampunk contraption!" - Craig Fraser.

Made from solvent proof polymer, this template can be cleaned with solvents and is easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging it.

These freehand airbrush templates are designed by Craig Fraser and precision laser-cut by Artool.

Approximate dimensions of template: 20cm x 25cm

"For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term "Steampunk", it is an artistic style that has been around for over a century. It is defined as "...a Neo-Victorian, retro-technical, futuristic aesthetic." In basic terms - it is the possibility of futuristic technology using the craftsmanship and materials of the 18th century. My favourite representations of Steampunk aesthetic have always been "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" by Jules Vern, "The Time Machine" by H.G Wells and even the movie "Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang!" Steampunk is also a romantic notion of technology that is way more human than today's sterile smart-phone generation."

"Paint to live, live to stencil... above all, enjoy!" - Craig Fraser.

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