Craig Fraser's Steam Driven Sprung

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Craig Fraser\'s Steam Driven Sprung

"Even the Skullmaster® Series needed a bit of Steampunking!"
- Craig Fraser.

The new Artool® Steam Driven™ Freehand® Airbrush Templates by Craig Fraser. In a nutshell "Steampunk" is a representation of modern technology through the materials and craftsmanship of the 1800s—Neo Victorian. Not just an art form; it is a fashion statement, a musical style, sculptural movement and kewl lifestyle! Steam Driven™ captures the soul of this movement with the new Artool® Skullmaster® Series which includes: Steam Skull (SDSK-1), Tick Tock (SDSK-2), Sprung (SDSK-3), The Steam Driven™ Set (SDSK-4) and The Steam Driven™ Mini Series Set (SDSK-4-MS).

In addition, the step-by-step photos and instructional copy by Craig Fraser on each package of the new Artool® Steam Driven™ Airbrush Templates will now reach many more fans of airbrush art with Spanish translations by acclaimed artist, Gerald Mendez.

Steam Driven Sprung:
"Of course with a clockwork skull you will need a power supply! The 18th century version of a battery was the ever-faithful spring. No decent 3/4 skull Steampunk stencil should be without one!" - Craig Fraser.

Made from solvent proof polymer, this template can be cleaned with solvents and is easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging it.

These freehand airbrush templates are designed by Craig Fraser and precision laser-cut by Artool.

Approximate dimensions of template: 20cm x 25cm

"I was discussing some new stencil ideas with Gabe McCubbin at Artool® and came to the conclusion that with all the popularity of the Steampunk style as of late, I had not created a new instalment for the original Skullmaster® Series of Artool® Templates. An easy fix!"

For those of you who have been living in a box with no internet connection or TV, and have been avoiding any science fiction books for the last century, you may be wondering what the heck "Steampunk" is!? Well, in a nutshell, it is a representation of modern technology through the materials and craftsmanship of the 1800’s. Just search "Steampunk" on the internet and the world of the neo-Victorian will reveal itself and you will definitely know what the term stands for! It is not just an art form, it is a fashion statement, musical style, sculptural movement and lifestyle. The kewlest thing for us artists is that we can adapt our style within the Steampunk medium and make it our own. And how kewl is that!? These Artool® Stencils are a great way to kick-start your own retro-technical Steampunk aesthetic!

Originally I had created Steam Skull™ in this series to be a limited edition Artool® stencil available exclusively in both of my Magic Box of Tricks sets from Iwata. One sketch led to another and before I knew it, I had three geared-out skulls staring at me from my light table. Hence, Steam Driven™ was created! In the tradition of my original three-stencil Artool® Skullmaster® Series, Steam Driven™ is a tribute to the classic triple-view of the human skull with a dash of vintage technology shoe-horned inside."

"Paint to live, live to stencil... above all, enjoy!" - Craig Fraser.

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