Squires Kitchen Organic Airbrush Cleaner 100ml

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Squires Kitchen Organic Airbrush Cleaner 100ml

An organic cleaner for flushing your airbrush after using Squires Kitchen Professional Airbrush Colours or other airbrush food colours. Clean between each colour and also thoroughly at the end of your airbrushing session.

Cleaning your airbrush with SK Organic Airbrush Cleaner

  1. Spray clean water through the airbrush first to remove the majority of the colour.
  2. Pour SK Organic Airbrush Cleaner into the airbrush cup and clean it out with a short-bristled, soft brush.
  3. Spray the airbrush cleaner through the airbrush away from your work and into a spare pot, cleaning station or cloth to catch any overspray.
  4. Cover the needle cap with a cloth to force the airbrush cleaner back through the airbrush.
  5. Repeat until the airbrush cleaner runs clear. Spray onto a white cloth or paper towel to test.
  6. Dampen a soft cloth with airbrush cleaner and gently wipe over the needle and cap.

For more detailed cleaning instructions follow the guidelines provided by your airbrush manufacturer.

Perfect for use with the NEW Squires Kitchen Airbrush Kit.

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