Auto-Air Bleed Checker (960ml)

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Auto-Air Bleed Checker (960ml)
Createx™ Auto-Air Colors™ are the latest breakthrough in water-based, non-toxic automotive coatings technology. Use Auto-Air Colours to achieve brilliant, durable custom paint jobs on cars, trucks, motorcycles and helmets.

4000 Series 4040 Auto Air Bleed Checker

4040 Bleed Checker is a hybridized, urethane-acrylic clear used as an inter-coat intended for application over Candy₂O to prevent the Candy₂O's dyes from bleeding into top-coated colors.

Apply 4040 Bleed Checker over Candy₂O as an inter-coat. After 4040 has thoroughly dried (30 – 60 minutes), other colors including subsequent Candy₂O colors may be applied direct without scuffing. 4040 will prevent the underlying Candy₂O's dye from leaching (“bleeding”) into the top-coated colors.

Apply 4040 Bleed Checker un-reduced, straight from the bottle when applying as an inter-coat over Candy₂O . Do not reduce with 4012 Reducer as it’s a solvent used with Candy₂O and use of it in 4040 will create a shared material between Candy₂O and 4040 which may allow for bleeding.

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