Createx Lifeline Natural 2oz (60ml)

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Createx Lifeline Natural 2oz (60ml)

Lifeline Colors are flesh-toned colours created to compliment Bloodline for more natural-looking applications. Designed by special FX artist Tim Gore for painting everything from "hyper real" creatures, humanoids and monsters, latex masks, resin kits and anything your imagination can come up with.

Lifeline is part of the Illustration Colors line. Water-based, multi-surface airbrush acrylics designed for refined atomisation and flow through the smallest of airbrush tip sizes, at low psi settings, without a stippled pattern when faded from a tint to a saturated colour.

Boasting a durable resin with a delayed cure time, they allow you to rework the paints up to 48 hours. Heavily saturated with lightfast pigments, Illustration Colors have been optimised for building brilliant layers that dry to a matte finish.

Illustration Transparent Colors, Bloodline, Lifeline, CMYK and Neutral Greys are transparent paints with no filler added and made with a saturated pigment volume for coverage out of the bottle.

Illustration Opaque Colors have a higher pigment volume to create a more saturated colour for increased coverage compared to other Illustration Colors. All Illustration Colors colour-types are made with the same resin, perform similarly and are collectively herein referred to as “Illustration Colors”.

  • Lifeline Colors are transparent, although colours appear opaque due to high pigment load
  • Suitable for use with any airbrush tip-size and psi setting
  • Illustration Colors do not create a stippled pattern at low pressures
  • Apply with airbrush, traditional brush or spray gun
  • Mix with 4030 Balancing Clear to make an acrylic-urethane, automotive airbrush paint
  • Refer to Illustration Colors Tech Data Sheet for more info.

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