Flake King Candy Apple Red 200 µm / .008" Dry Metal Flake (100g)

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Flake King Candy Apple Red 200 µm / .008\" Dry Metal Flake (100g)

Flake King polyester automotive grade dry flakes are double coated, ultra lightfast protection and easy lay.

Flake King Flakes are available in the following sizes:

Please note that some of the sizes listed are available by special order ONLY and may take a few weeks to arrive. The colour chart is available to download below.

Why apply the Flake dry?

  • Minimizes the amount of flake you use
  • Reduces the volume of catalysed clear that you use
  • Reduces the risk of clear coat failure & potential “sagging” of flake and clear
  • Increases speed significantly – we’re talking by days for a large job
  • Improves the clean-up process – because the flake is dry when applied, it simply brushes up/off
  • Reduces risk of cross contamination of future paint jobs
  • Because you have a dry flake gun, there is no longer flake in your clear coat gun again reducing the risk of flake ending up in future paint jobs

To see how to use the gun to apply flake click here.

Flake King has tested the following products with the Flake King 1000 Dry Metal Flake Gun and how they performed with regard to how they held metal flake. A PDF showing the results is available to download below.

The following products can be used as an alternative to using 2 pack lacquer/clear coat:

For more information or advice on this product, please contact us.

Click here to download the Alclad and Auto-Air Product Test PDF:

Click here to download the Flake King Dry Metal Flakes Colour Chart PDF:

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