Auto-Air Transparent 120ml Set of 8

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Auto-Air Transparent 120ml Set of 8
Createx™ Auto-Air Colors™ are the latest breakthrough in water-based, non-toxic automotive coatings technology. Use Auto-Air Colours to achieve brilliant, durable custom paint jobs on cars, trucks, motorcycles and helmets.

4200 Series - Transparent Colours are intermixable translucent basecoat colours. Transparent Colours work well with small tip-sized airbrushes for fine, detailed artwork. They also work well for fades and blends over solid base colors.

Use as a toner to other Auto Air Colors to create custom blends.

Use to tint AutoBorne Sealer White for colour-keying the overlying colour to improve coverage and reduce build-up of material, especially when using 4300 Series Pearlized Colours and 4500 Series Sparklescent Colours. For example, tint White Sealer with Transparent Fire Red for a pastel red base, over which Sparklescent Rock Star Red is applied. Less material is required as opposed to applying Rock Star Red over Sealer White. A smoother finish is achieved as excess build-up of the Rock Star Red’s pearl-flakes is avoided.

Transparent Colors are suitable for spraying with little reduction for use with spray-guns and large tip-sized airbrushes. For use with smaller tip-sized airbrushes use CTX-4012 reducer and reduce 25% per volume or more to achieve fine-line performance. Reduction ratios may vary per color to achieve best atomization.

  • Water-based
  • Non-toxic
  • Lightfast
  • Permanent
  • Ready-to-spray out of the bottle - no mixing required
  • Sprays smooth with a silky, finely atomized pattern
  • Self-levelling while drying to a flat, even finish without the "orange peel" look.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • May be masked with automotive tape
  • Use for entire vehicle paint jobs or graphics.
  • Available in over 147 colours and effects
  • Intermixable to allow limitless colour blends and effects
  • Made with automotive specific pigments and binders
  • Fully compatible with any automotive urethane clears, paints and primers

Advantages of Auto-Air over urethane systems:

  • Surprising performance
  • No time windows to work under
  • Greater flexibility - more resistant to chipping and flaking
  • Easy clean-up
  • Cost savings and time efficiency
  • Safer to use
  • Contain less than 0.01% VOC

Auto-Air Transparent 120ml Set of 8 contains these items:
CodeProduct NameQuantityList
CTX-4011-04 4011 Auto-Air Reducer / Thinner 4oz (120ml) 1 £10.20
CTX-4230-04 Auto-Air Transparent White (120ml) 1 £10.20
CTX-4231-04 Auto-Air Transparent Yellow (120ml) 1 £10.20
CTX-4233-04 Auto-Air Transparent Orange (120ml) 1 £10.20
CTX-4234-04 Auto-Air Transparent Fire Red (120ml) 1 £10.20
CTX-4237-04 Auto-Air Transparent Apple Green (120ml) 1 £10.20
CTX-4241-04 Auto-Air Transparent Blue (120ml) 1 £10.20
CTX-4249-04 Auto-Air Transparent Black (120ml) 1 £10.20
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