Mike Lavallee's Boneheadz Cranium Set of 4

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Mike Lavallee\'s Boneheadz Cranium Set of 4

Fasten your seat belts, the raising the dead just got horrific! For a few years the world of Kustom painting hasn’t been the same since the creation of Mike Lavallee's True Fire airbrushing techniques. Now Mike turns up the heat a few notches with his outrageous skull offerings, which are sure to win over the hearts 'n Souls of Kustom auto painters everywhere. They'll save you a ton of time in creating something completely wicked for your rod or chopper.

There are three sets of Boneheadz to choose from, which contain 4 sizes in small through to extra large: Cranium, Screamers and Eight8Dead. These realistic skulls highlight a myriad of angles, sizes and looks for any skullicious project you can conjure up!

Made from solvent proof polymer, these templates can be cleaned with solvents and is easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging it.

These freehand airbrush templates are designed by Mike Lavallee and laser cut from Artool.

"My Artool Boneheadz Templates make my skull 'n fire airbrushing a Killer Painting breeze!" - Mike Lavallee.

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