Paasche VL5 Dual Action Heavy Duty Airbrush (Broad)

£90.20 inc.VAT
(£75.17 ex.VAT)
Paasche VL5 Dual Action Heavy Duty Airbrush (Broad)

Paasche VL5 Airbrush - Suction Feed Double Action Internal Mix Airbrush

This versatile, heavy duty, double action airbrush has extensive uses, capable of fine lines 0.4mm through to a very fast wide 60mm. The VL is an uncompromising workhorse as it is free flowing and extremely durable. The VL is available in three sizes (1, 3 & 5 or as a VL set) to cover uses from watery mediums to lacquers, automotive and industrial paints. Fluids are suction fed from 1/4oz metal cups to 3oz bottle assemblies. Suitable for either right or left handed users.

The Paasche VL5 is good for these applications:

  • Model Painting
  • Custom Automotive
  • Art & Graphics
  • Textile Art

The Paasche VL5 features:

The Paasche VL5 includes:

  • Metal Colour Cup (7ml)
  • Wrench
  • Bench Hook Airbrush Hanger
  • "22 Airbrush Lessons" Booklet
  • Head Protecting Cap
  • Protective Case

Clean dry air is essential for best results.

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