Airbrush Charity Christmas Cards

In partnership together, The Airbrush Company and FaceMediaGroup donate 100% of profits of these airbrush design Christmas cards to Cancer Research UK Trading Limited, which Gift-Aids all its taxable profits to Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK have saved millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Can you answer 'yes' to any of these questions?

Q. As an airbrusher, would you like the Christmas cards you give to your family and friends to be airbrushed designs?

Q. Do you usually purchase packs of Christmas cards, but would prefer 100% of the profits of the Christmas cards to go to a deserving charity?

Q. Have you not yet purchased your Christmas cards for this year OR for next year?

The cards are an Airbrush Company product; conceived, organised and marketed by The Airbrush Company Ltd. A local print brokers who print promotional literature for us,, are kindly printing these Christmas cards at 0% profit so that the only cost is the printing and 100% of the profit goes to Cancer Research UK!

Buy Qty Price Funds raised
per pack of 5 (A6 size) £1.25 +VAT £0.61
per pack of 10 (A6) £2.50 +VAT £1.22
(available as packs above) per A6 card 25p +VAT 12.2p

Unless you are ordering other products, postage and packaging of one pack of cards in the UK is £1.34+VAT (£1.61 inc VAT) which covers costs only of £1.14 1st class 'Large Letter' and £0.17 for jiffy bag packaging. More than one pack or a pack sent with other goods will be charged depending on estimate of total weight. We make zero percent (0%) profit on shipping the charity cards, or indeed on shipping any other goods. When ordering other products the postage will be calculated based on the weight of those other products and the normal free-shipping threshold applies to orders that include charity cards (see shipping page)

New Airbrushed Design for 2013

© 2013 Alexandra Medwell (airbrush painting), based on reference image with kind permission from Warren Photographic Ltd.
© 2005 Jane Burton (original reference photo)
Jane Burton died of cancer in 2007.
'Kitten with Bauble' painted by Alexandra Medwell
using Createx Illustration Colors with an
Iwata Custom Micron B airbrush
and an Iwata Hi-Line BH.

12.2p per card (100% of the profit) goes to Cancer Research UK.

Alexandra Medwell is unknown as an artist, but known to the airbrushing industry as General Manager of The Airbrush Company Ltd. Unfortunately her job leaves little time for actually producing artwork, but she likes to keep her hand in with an airbrush painting once or twice a year. What better way than to do it for charity? Read more about Lexy's family history in the airbrush industry on

Lexy painted the bauble red to add more Christmassy colour, while the original photo taken in 2005 had a silver bauble. You may be able to spot the reflected silhouette of the photographer Jane Burton who sadly died of cancer two years later in 2007. This adds a special poignancy to using the image for a Cancer charity card, especially for Jane's son, Mark Taylor, who on behalf of Warren Photographic kindly granted Lexy permission to render her airbrushed version of the image for charitable purposes.

Size: A6 (not shown to scale)
High-quality lithographic printed card with glossy finish

2012 design selected by Cancer Research UK
and 250,000 printed for their official 2013 range!

Alexandra Medwell painted this beautiful robin for The Airbrush Company's 2012 Christmas card, helping us increase our total raised for Cancer Research. She then offered the painting to Cancer Research UK and they selected it for their official range of cards for 2013. Cancer Research UK printed at least 25,000 packs of Robin in Snow. This is more than 250,000 cards and thus the highest number of prints of Alexandra Medwell's work ever produced. These are available to purchase from Cancer Research shops from August 2013. However, we do have a few thousand left of our own really high-quality glossy lithographically printed version, which all raise money for Cancer Research. We are selling Robin in Snow along with the kitten design as an assorted pack. Please click on the 'Buy Now' link below!

Size: A6 (not shown to scale)
High-quality lithographic printed card with glossy finish

© 2012 Alexandra Medwell (airbrush painting), based on reference image with kind permission from © Nick Cantle (original photo)
'Robin in Snow' painted by Alexandra Medwell
using Medea Com-Art Water-based Acrylic Colours
with an Iwata Custom Micron B airbrush

12.2p per card (100% of the profit) goes to Cancer Research UK.

Our 2011 airbrushed design
© 2011 The Airbrush Company Ltd. (airbrush painting)
© 2011 Alexandra Medwell (original reference photograph)
'Santa Knows' painted by Alexandra Medwell using an Iwata Custom Micron B airbrush and an Iwata Hi-Line BH.

Santa Knows what you want for Christmas or Santa Knows whether you've been naughty or nice? You decide!
Alexandra Medwell painted this rather knowing Santa based on her own reference photo of her Uncle John dressed-up, who has also featured in some of our Christmas promotion images. This was one of the designs in The Airbrush Company's first ever charity Christmas card collection in 2011, alongside an Hawaiian Tiki-themed card by Dennis Mathewson and a Madonna & Child design by Giorgio Uccellini. Alexandra painted this during company hours, hence the company's copyright ownership, while she continued to paint the robin and kitten designs in her own spare time for the later years. We granted The Smiles Foundation permission to have 1,000 Christmas cards printed with the same design in 2012 to raise money for aid in Romania. Due to having three designs in 2011, we only had 600 of each printed digitally, so Santa Knows is currently out of print.

Size: Was A5 in 2011

100% of the profit went to Cancer Research UK.


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