Iwata Kustom CM airbrush

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Iwata Kustom CM airbrush

Kustom automotive painting takes pole position with the Iwata Kustom Series that sports large cups and shines in atomising solvent-based paints and water-based paints. Taller triggers, extra large cups and pre-set handles distinguish these airbrushes as Kustom. All five brushes in this series have been designed with solvent-proof packings so there’s no swelling, cracking or eroding.

The Kustom Micron CM

The mac-daddy of all airbrushes, the Kustom CM is framed around the Iwata Custom Micron airbrush. The New Kustom CM airbrush provides extreme control of ultra fine-line spray, silky smooth atomisation and ultimate paint-flow control with hand-tuned, hand-adjusted performance.

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The Kustom Micron CM is excellent for these applications:

The K-CM features:

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The K-CM has the option to change to a 0.18mm head system for even finer detail. To retain the ultimate performance of your Custom Micron, Iwata recommend that you fit a complete matched head system or, if you require a replacement nozzle only, that you send your airbrush in for a technical expert to fit a replacement nozzle (See service/repair).

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