Premi Air G35 airbrush out of stock (upgraded to Iwata NEO CN with 5 Year Warranty)

£55.00 inc.VAT
(£45.83 ex.VAT)
Premi Air G35 airbrush out of stock (upgraded to Iwata NEO CN with 5 Year Warranty)
The Premi-Air G35 was the best quality airbrush you could buy at this price point... Until recently, when Iwata released the 'NEO for Iwata' airbrush, which is the only budget airbrush to have a 5 year warranty! While we are out of stock of the G35 until further notice, the similarly-priced Iwata NEO CN airbrush is not just a substitute - it's a significant upgrade!

About the Iwata NEO CN:
Click here to view the details of the Iwata NEO CN.

About the Premi-Air G35:
This versatile airbrush has a 0.35mm nozzle and 3cc gravity cup. The G35 bears the Airbrush Company's own brand name, 'Premi-Air', and has been providing a number of markets with reliable performance for many years. So you have the assurance that the G35 meets The Airbrush Company's good quality standards and you will benefit from access to The Airbrush Company's unrivalled technical backup service.

The Premi-Air G35 is much better quality than the cheap copies of Iwata airbrushes and other budget airbrushes, and is suitable for beginners to professionals for all applications. However, for the absolute best performance and control, please consider stepping up to an Iwata professional airbrush, starting with the Iwata Revolution series.

The Premi-Air G35 is good for these applications:

  • Nail Art
  • Body Art
  • Hobby and Craft
  • Cake decorating
  • Model Painting
  • Art and Graphics
  • Custom Automotive
The Premi-Air G35 features:

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