Flake King Corroded Metal FX Mini Shaker Kit

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Flake King Corroded Metal FX Mini Shaker Kit

Create realistic rust and corrosion effects with Flake King Corroded Metal. Minimum amount of work - for the maximum effect!

Flake King Corroded Metal kits are designed so that you can apply our extremely dense, heavy Vintage Iron and Corroded Copper powders directly to wet paint or clear coat. Following this, you simply spray our Corrosion Activator directly to the surface and wait – the longer you leave it on the more corroded it will become.

When you’re happy with the level of corrosion, just wash the off corroder and leave to dry.

As this is an organic finish, if you do not protect it, it will continue to corrode. You can inhibit this by applying a clear protective coating of your choice, for example a matt or gloss would work fine. We do suggest you run your own tests as applying clear will potentially change the colours in the corrosion.

This Flake King Corroded Metal Shaker Kit contains everything you’re going to need to apply patina to any item:

  • FK50 Surface Binder
  • Vintage Iron pot - with shaker
  • Corroded Coppa pot - with shaker
  • Patina Sponge
  • Corrosion Activator

The FK50 Surface Binder is a base adhesion coat that can be brushed, dabbed or sprayed on. Whilst wet you then apply the desired powder, then dry with a heat gun or leave to air dry. Following this, liberally spray with the Corrosion Activator.

The Patina Sponge enables you to dab the FK50 Surface Binder on and gives a more organic natural look to the rust.

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