Com-Art Creature Paint Kit

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Com-Art Creature Paint Kit

Com-Art™ water-based acrylic colours are non-toxic and specifically formulated to be ready-to-use in your airbrush, without the need for thinning, filtering or straining.

This set of Creature Paints is designed for the monster/fantasy fan to help them achieve otherworldly, undead and just plain creepy, skin and body effects. The different flesh colours are meant to be a starting point. The mixing and matching of any or all of the colours is limited only to your imagination!

This kit contains 10 x Com-Art colours, plus tips and tricks by Steve Rojas. Colours include: Flesh, Inner Mouth Flesh, Green Flesh, Purple Flesh, Bone White, Vein Blue/Green, Stone Grey, Olive Green, Brown/Black and Opaque Raw Umber.

Blackheart Enterprises Medusa
painted by Steve Rojas.
Com-Art Creature Paint Kit.

“I formulated these basic colours to achieve endless painting effects on my work. Com-Art brings my creatures to life!.” — Steve Rojas

Opaque colours:
Rich, dense shades that spray smoothly and resist clogging. These colours are heavily pigmented with the finest ground pigments for smooth spraying and accurate four-colour separation.

Transparent colours:
Using the same formulation as the opaque Com-Art colours, the transparents are non-fading, pigmented colours, which can be intermixed with the opaques or sprayed over the top for glazing.

Com-Art colours are excellent for these applications:

  • Fine Art
  • Illustration
  • Resin-cast figure model painting
  • Craft applications like scrapbooking

Professional artists choose Com-Art colours because of their museum-quality lightfast longevity. They dry instantly to a matte finish, which is especially good for precise colour matching. Plus, opaque and transparent colours can be intermixed without any colour bleeding or show-through problems. Com-Art colours offer tremendous versatility, superior atomisation and breath-taking results.

Additives and Varnish Sealers:

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Com-Art Creature Paint Kit contains these items:
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COM-2-107-1 Com-Art Flesh 1oz (28ml) 1 £5.50
COM-2-108-1 Com-Art Inner Mouth Flesh 1oz (28ml) 1 £5.50
COM-2-109-1 Com-Art Green Flesh 1oz (28ml) 1 £5.50
COM-2-110-1 Com-Art Purple Flesh 1oz (28ml) 1 £5.50
COM-2-111-1 Com-Art Bone White 1oz (28ml) 1 £5.50
COM-2-112-1 Com-Art Vein Blue / Green 1oz (28ml) 1 £5.50
COM-2-113-1 Com-Art Stone Grey 1oz (28ml) 1 £5.50
COM-2-114-1 Com-Art Olive Green 1oz (28ml) 1 £5.50
COM-2-115-1 Com-Art Brown / Black 1oz (28ml) 1 £5.50
COM-1-015-1 Com-Art Opaque Raw Umber 1oz (28 ml) 1 £4.39
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