Auto-Air Aluminium Base Fine (120ml)

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Auto-Air Aluminium Base Fine (120ml)

Createx™ Auto-Air Colors™ are the latest breakthrough in water-based, non-toxic automotive coatings technology. Use Auto-Air Colours to achieve brilliant, durable custom paint jobs on cars, trucks, motorcycles and helmets.

Please note that the colours shown on are a guide only. For a closer representation, especially for the metallic and effects colours, we recommend that you purchase the Auto-Air Colour Chips.

4100 Series - Aluminium Bases
Aluminium Bases are available in three grades: Fine, Medium and Coarse. They are highly reflective and intended for use as an undercoat for the 4600 Series Candy Colours. Aluminium Bases may also be used alone for an aluminium-like, reflective finish or as an undercoat for Series 4200 Transparent Colours for reflective, custom effects. Use of the different grades against one another with a Candy Colour top application create fantastic effects.

Aluminium Bases are recommended for use with airbrush sizes 0.5mm or larger. A 0.3mm size airbrush may be used when thinned with Auto-Air Reducer. Aluminium Bases cover quickly and often only 1 coat is needed. Apply Aluminium Base over a coat of Base Coat Sealer Dark to ensure the that they adhere properly to the surface. The 4000 Series Base Coat Sealers have better adhesion than the 4100 Series Aluminium Bases. Aluminium Bases are made with heavy metallic flakes and may require stirring in addition to thorough shaking prior to use.

The Aluminium Bases do not have as strong of an adhesion as the other Auto-Air Colours. They are best used for bases without a lot of masking and manipulation. Aluminium Bases need to be cured with heat prior to masking and build up must be avoided to prevent lifting. Substituting the Aluminium Bases with the 4332 Metallic Silver may be desired if heat curing cannot be done or if masking causes lifting. Aluminium Bases do make an excellent base for the Candy Colours but can be difficult to work with if all steps are not followed.

Applying a coat of the 4004 Transparent Extender or Reducer over the Aluminium Base after it has cured prior to masking does help prevent possible lifting during masking. Apply a thin coat of the Transparent Extender or Reducer then cure with heat. The Transparent Extender and Reducer will dry clear and act as a protective barrier between the Aluminium Base and tape or masking film. Another way to prevent lifting of the Aluminium Base during masking is to apply a coat of a urethane intercoat clear onto the Aluminium Base after curing. Like all urethanes, intercoat clears work well with Auto-Air Colours.

Sizes: This product is available in 4oz (120ml), 16oz (480ml) and 32oz (960ml) sizes. Click here to view all sizes.

Guides: Auto-Air Application Guide sheet, Auto-Air User Guide instructional DVD.

  • Water-based
  • Non-toxic
  • Lightfast
  • Permanent
  • Ready-to-spray out of the bottle - no mixing required
  • Sprays smooth with a silky, finely atomized pattern
  • Self-levelling while drying to a flat, even finish without the "orange peel" look.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • May be masked with automotive tape
  • Use for entire vehicle paint jobs or graphics.
  • Available in over 147 colours and effects
  • Intermixable to allow limitless colour blends and effects
  • Made with automotive specific pigments and binders
  • Fully compatible with any automotive urethane clears, paints and primers

Advantages of Auto-Air over urethane systems:

  • Surprising performance
  • No time windows to work under
  • Greater flexibility - more resistant to chipping and flaking
  • Easy clean-up
  • Cost savings and time efficiency
  • Safer to use
  • Contain less than 0.01% VOC

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