Richard Markham - Real Fire Stencil Set of 2

£15.08 inc.VAT
(£12.57 ex.VAT)
Richard Markham - Real Fire Stencil Set of 2

This set of two Fire stencils are specifically made for painting unique flame licks that are simple and organic, just like real fire as demonstrated below by artist Richard Markham.

Each unique rendering is made with durable Mylar, designed for years of use. These will give you maximum speed and profit, with versatile solvent-proof shields that can be used again and again as an airbrushing stencil or simply as a drawing aid.

Aproximate sizes: 23cm (9") x 12cm (4.75"), 29.5cm (11.5") x 10cm (4").

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These stencils are also available as part of a Real Fire Kit including 4 Auto-Air colours, and an instructional fire DVD. These are the colours to produce realistic flames done the professional way. These 4oz (120ml) colours, Transparent White, Yellow and Red Oxide, will give you deep, rich flames that are as real as the fire itself.

These paints are also available as a set of 4 colours (without the DVD and stencil) in either 4oz (180ml) Flame Set or 16oz (480ml) Flame Set. The instructional Fire DVD by Richard Markham is also available to buy separately.

Please note that the colours shown on are a guide only. For a closer representation, especially for the metallic and effects colours, we recommend that you purchase the Auto-Air Colour Chips.