GreatWall 1/35 German Krupp 12.8cm Pak44 High Velocity Anti-Tank Gun

£39.95 inc.VAT
(£33.29 ex.VAT)
GreatWall 1/35 German Krupp 12.8cm Pak44 High Velocity Anti-Tank Gun
  • Scale 1/35
  • Contains brass photo-etched parts and some metal parts
  • Injection-moulded plastic

Great Wall Hobby Models is a Model Kit line from Lion Roar, the Chinese company dedicated to the manufacture of high quality multi-media model kits and detail sets. These kits include photo-etched parts, turned alloy parts and resin figures. All items are professionally designed and dedicated to meet the needs of modellers from all over the world.

This kit from GreatWall Hobby features the largest anti-tank gun developed by the Germans, in the Second World War.

There are six frets of plastic parts, one small fret of Photo Etched parts and two metal actuators.

This kit is totally different to the RheinMetall version of the 12.8cm Anti-Tank gun and the Krupp version was the intended production version. The Krupp version features a simplified cruciform gun mount, compared to the RheinMetall version and this is faithfully reproduced by GreatWall Hobby’s kit. The cruciform features some very delicate moulding and some excellent detail and builds very easily with the option to build it in travelling mode or firing mode.

The second major difference to the RheinMetall version is the road wheels. In the case of the Krupp version there are only four road wheels and their construction is simpler than the RheinMetall version and this is replicated in the GreatWall Hobby Kit. It is possible to construct these parts so that they are workable, if you are careful applying glue.

The Krupp gun is similar to the RheinMetall version upon first glance. However, when you look more closely it is very different. Again the Krupp has a simplified design to make production easier and this is mirrored in the GreatWall kit. The level of detail remains high in this area and it is possible to build the gun and allow it to elevate. The Krupp armoured shield is less extensive than the RheinMetall version and the gun barrel is different as well. These changes were made to simplify the production process.

As we have come to expect from GreatWall Hobby, the mouldings are crisp and flash free, featuring some very fine details. A superb model that represents the zenith of German late war anti tank gun design.

Also available from GreatWall Hobby is the upgrade set for this kit which features a four-part replacement aluminium barrel.

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