Craig Fraser's Viking FX Runes

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Craig Fraser\'s Viking FX Runes

This Artool Viking FX templates, designed by Craig Fraser and laser cut by Artool, are made of solvent proof polymer which can be cleaned with solvents. They are easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging them.

Approximate dimensions: 8" x 10"

Each template in the Artool Viking FX Series is also available as a Set of Four or in the Artool Mini Set.

Direct from the land of fire and ice… some new bits of plastic to help satisfy your inner Viking!

“Having travelled to many countries teaching and airbrushing during the past 20 years, one of the most amazing lands in my travels was Iceland. Not only is the land itself mesmerising, but also the people with their rich history are truly captivating. Working with top Icelandic Airbrush artist, Yrr Baldursdottir from Tattoobike Airbrush Studio, I taught a number of airbrush workshops in the capital city of Reykjavik. Believe it or not, this small country has one of the fastest growing custom painting industries in the world.

One of the techniques I borrowed from this part of the world is a style of airbrushing that could only be described as “Icelandic”. The Artool Viking FX Freehand Template Series is a direct result of my numerous experiences in Iceland. This Artool Series is composed of four stencils, that when used together can throw-down some cool murals and graphics designs.

Artool Viking FX debuted in 2010 at a workshop I taught in Iceland… and they killed! These babies are 100% Viking and Valkyrie approved! While I cannot claim historical authenticity of al images, they conjure up accurate depictions of the artistic impressions that the Viking imagery left on me. I imagine that if the Vikings had airbrushes and polymers they would be totally into these… just think of all the time saved in stone carving!

Enjoy painting with these Artool stencils as much as I enjoyed creating them. Viking FX will make a great addition to your airbrushing arsenal. Remember, Vikings love adding things to their arsenals!”

Paint to live, live to paint! – Craig Fraser.

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