Createx Illustration Base (Reducer) 4oz (120ml)

£5.82 inc.VAT
(£4.85 ex.VAT)
Createx Illustration Base (Reducer) 4oz (120ml)

Illustration Base: A binder-based reducer with solvent perfect for adding to any Createx Airbrush Colors in any ratio for improved flow, atomization and reduced tip-dry, especially when using small tip-sized airbrushes operated at lower PSI settings. Reduction may be in any ratio; reduce as needed.

Despite its product name, it is actually solely a reducer for thinning Createx Airbrush Colors, not a base extender and not a base additive. When reduced using this product the Createx, the resulting mixture still retains its properties as textile paint. This product does not transform the Createx Airbrush Colours into Createx Illustration Colors, which have a different base and different propeties, such as being re-wettable. If you need Createx specifically for illustration please see our range of Createx Illustration Colors or Wicked Detail colors.

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