Createx Primary Set 6 x 2oz (60ml)

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Createx Primary Set 6 x 2oz (60ml)

Createx™ Airbrush Colours are:

  • Water-based
  • Versatile
  • Permanent
  • Non-toxic

Createx™ Airbrush Colours are a general purpose airbrush paint, made with light-fast pigments, durable resins and quality ingredients. Originally designed as a textile paint, Createx™ is widely used by professionals and beginners for these applications:

  • Fabrics
  • Leather
  • Wood and furniture
  • Illustration
  • Canvas
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Fibreglass

Although Createx™ Airbrush Colours can be used for Custom Automotive applications, Createx Auto-Air™ colours and Wicked™ colours are specially developed for the purpose.

Createx™ Airbrush Colours are designed for permanent results with a soft-hand feel on fabrics. Colours cure with the assistance of heat after drying. The use of heat to cure colours is one of the main differences between Createx™ Airbrush Colours and Wicked™ & Auto-Air™ Colours which cure to a much stronger film with air drying alone (referred to as self-cross linking). Createx™ are made with exterior-grade (automotive) pigments allowing them to withstand prolonged exposure to direct outdoors light without fading. For maximum permanence, a topcoat should be applied over the paint after curing.

This Createx™ Primary Set includes 2oz (60ml) bottles of:

  • Opaque White
  • Opaque Black
  • Transparent Brite Yellow
  • Transparent Brite Red
  • Transparent Brite Green
  • Transparent Brite Blue

Createx™ Airbrush Colours work best out of the bottle with a 0.5mm tip-sized airbrush operated at 40 – 50 PSI. For smaller tip-sizes, lower PSI settings and fine-line detailed artwork; reduce with Createx 5608 Illustration Base, Wicked W100 Reducer or Auto Air 4011 Flash Reducer.

We recommend that you thin your paint to suit your airbrush nozzle, especially for finer nozzles. As a guide, thin paints to a milky consistency. If you have a query whether a particular paint is suitable for a particular airbrush, please contact us.

Alternative paints, specially formulated to be ready to go through a fine airbrush:

Createx Primary Set 6 x 2oz (60ml) contains these items:
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CTX-5106 Createx Transparent (Pthalo) Brite Blue 2oz (60ml) 1 £5.16
CTX-5109 Createx Transparent Brite Green 2oz (60ml) 1 £5.16
CTX-5114 Createx Transparent Brite Yellow 2oz (60ml) 1 £5.16
CTX-5117 Createx Transparent Brite Red 2oz (60ml) 1 £5.16
CTX-5211 Createx Opaque Black 2oz (60ml) 1 £5.16
CTX-5212 Createx Opaque White 2oz (60ml) 1 £5.16
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