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LifeColor Burned set (22ml x 6)
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Airbrush Charity Christmas Cards in aid of Cancer Research UK
£878.73 Raised
since 30.10.2011
Craig Fraser's "H" Stencil set of 2
£21.85 inc.VAT
(£18.21 ex.VAT)
Craig Fraser\'s \"H\" Stencil set of 2

You guessed it: Craig Fraser has been at it again! This time it is not a skull, texture or iconic theme… it is the Artool® Freehand® Airbrush Template "H" Stencil!

Made from solvent proof polymer, these templates can be cleaned with solvents and is easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging them. These freehand airbrush templates are designed by Craig Fraser and precision laser-cut by Artool®.

Artwork by Craig Fraser

"The "H" Stencil is a simple French-curve design that can help any artist improve their Artool® Freehand® Shield skills when airbrushing fire, smoke, dragon scales and any number of effects your imagination can conjure up.

A huge advantage of the "H" Stencil is its specific one-handed design. By using one hand you can not only manipulate where you place the stencil, you can also change the shape of it by squeezing it together to morph an outlining edge. The outside radius on the three major legs perfectly match each internal radius, which allows the artist to create positive and negative curves such as the "inclusions" inside realistic fire and the negative space needed when rendering wisps of smoke. The gradual long curves also allow you to use the "H" part of your stencil to help shield and airbrush drop shadows on curved graphics and flames - without having to mask them off.

Since it is often necessary to airbrush in different scales, the Artool® "H" Stencil is produced in two sizes. 12" x 4" and 8" x 2.5". Craig Fraser's "H" Stencil Step-by-Step is included on the front of the package.

Craig Fraser

Do not let the simplicity of the "H" Stencil'" fool you. Remember the quote: "Less is more!" You will be surprised with the complex images you can create and complete with the simplicity of the "H" Stencil. Good luck and let me know the various uses you find for this Mylar beauty - it has become one of my favourite all-time Artool® Stencils. Keep an eye out for my upcoming articles and videos on its use!"

Paint to live, live to "H" Stencil! – Craig Fraser.

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Delivery 1 to 3 working days for orders within the UK.
Please click here for shipping information for UK and overseas.
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25% Off Expression Stencils
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Airbrush Charity Christmas Cards in aid of Cancer Research UK
£878.73 Raised
since 30.10.2011
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