Ryan Ryno's Blasted FX Mini Set of 4

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Ryan Ryno\'s Blasted FX Mini Set of 4

Artool has created the Blasted FX™ Artool® Freehand™ Airbrush Templates by Ryan "Ryno" Templeton in a smaller size: The Mini Series. Blasted FX™ can now be easily rendered on smaller projects such as RC cars and aircraft, body art, crash helmets and a myriad of kustom automotive applications. Click here to view all other Artool Mini Series stencils.

"When you are short on time to get your project out the door, you need additional accessories in your art-box arsenal like my Blasted FX™ Artool® Freehand™ Airbrush Templates. These cool tools make short work of my tattoo-inspired designs and themes. Get the job done with professional results every time!" - Ryan "Ryno" Templeton

Ryan "Ryno" Templeton is a professional custom painter and airbrush artist with over 22 years of solid experience to his credit. Ryno is a "triple threat" in the custom paint world: an expert in painting, airbrushing and pinstriping. Best known as one of the cast members featured in the CMT reality show, "Trick My Truck", Ryno also appeared in "Car Warriors" and is currently with "Inside West Coast Customs". Ryno's successful custom shop, Blast of Air, is located in Anaheim, California.

There are 4 totally outrageous and useful designs included in this mini set: Gamblin' FX™, Lucky FX™, Sacred FX™ and Marine FX™. Each template measures approximately 5" x 7".

Blasted FX™ is also offered as a set of larger sizes (which contains all 6 themed stencils: Circle FX™, Oval FX™, Gamblin’ FX™, Lucky FX™, Sacred FX™, Marine FX™) and each of these larger sized stencils are also available separately.

Made from solvent proof polymer, these templates can be cleaned with solvents and is easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging them. These freehand airbrush templates are designed by Ryan "Ryno" Templeton and precision laser-cut by Artool®.

"Trick your ride with my tattoo-inspired Artool® Blasted FX™!" - Ryan "Ryno" Templeton