Lifecolor Liquid Pigments Remover

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Lifecolor Liquid Pigments Remover

Once applied, the Liquid Pigments can be removed partially or completely from the treated surfaces using a brush or a cotton bud moistened in the Remover. The use of the Remover is always recommended because it is able to completely eliminate the very dark stains or blots from light surfaces.

To layer Liquid Pigments over other Liquid Pigments but avoid mixing and reworking the layer underneath, please seal the work with a thin coat of transparent satin clear (Lifecolor LC77). The locked work will no longer be removable with Remover.

Liquid Pigments Official Guide

Remove or correct the product with brushes or other instruments moistened with the Remover. It is also possible to move or accumulate the Liquid Pigments on a surface by spraying it away with the Remover using an airbrush.

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