Mike Lavallee's True Fire Mini Set of 3 with DVD

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Mike Lavallee\'s True Fire Mini Set of 3 with DVD

Application: Custom Automotive
Classification: E - Educational
Running time: 25 minutes (TBA)
Format: DVD Region 0

Artool have created the popular True Fire Freehand Airbrush Templates in a smaller size: the Mini Series! True Fire can now be easily rendered on smaller projects such as RC cars, model airplanes, model cars and a myriad of kustom automotive applications.

Made from solvent proof polymer, these templates can be cleaned with solvents and are easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without fear of damaging them.

This set of 3 shields includes:

  • Diablo - This template is perfect for doing tight fire licks, and for flames that look like they are moving blazing fast.
  • Wild Fire - This template works well for creating softer arcs, and more streamlined edges for the longer, slower burning fire. Also included are some smaller flame-lick shapes, as well as some burning ember configurations.
  • Inferno - This template includes similar shapes from Diablo and Wild Fire, but includes some added extras which allows you to create even more burning ember effects!
Also included is the instructional Artool TRUE FIRE™ MINI SERIES DVD by Mike Lavallee.

Mike Lavallee is setting the custom paint world on fire with his TRUE FIRE™ effect. Mike has created and perfected the technique for rendering dramatic realistic interpretations of actual fire burning down the surface of motorcycles, automobiles, boats and aircraft. Mike Lavallee has appeared on television programs, "Monster Garage", "Overhaulin'" and "Rides".

Approximate dimensions of each stencil: Diablo 7" x 4" (10cm x 17cm), Inferno 7" x 3.5" (17cm x 9cm), Wild Fire 7" x 3" (17cm x 7.5cm)

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