Dennis Mathewson's Kanji Master Dragon

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Dennis Mathewson\'s Kanji Master Dragon

The Dragon is designed to separate into two parts by cutting the small tabs which give you the essential dragon elements - the head, tail, feet and fire! Use the outside edges to create a coiling boy by moving them around in circles while using the second part to create unique scale patterns.

Artist Dennis Mathewson, of Cosmic Airbrush in Honolulu, Hawaii has over 35 years of Kustom airbrushing and painting experience. When he's not painting, Dennis is writing, traveling, carving tikis and instructing at kustom painting workshops. Dennis's love of Hawaii and it's Asian influences is shared with you in his new Kanji Master Series from Artool.

The Artool Freehand Airbrush Templates are all made of solvent proof polymer and can be easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces without being damaged.

Approximate Dimensions: 22.5cm x 30.5cm