Robert Benedict - Micro Airbrushing (DVD)

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Robert Benedict - Micro Airbrushing (DVD)

Application: Custom Automotive, Scale Models
Classification: E - Educational
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Format: DVD Region 0

In this astonishing DVD presentation, Robert Benedict demonstrates how you can airbrush in the smallest possible scale, including the painting of 23 skulls in the diameter of a small coin! The ability to micro airbrush is important for achieving great detail in photorealism, small-scale hobby applications, micro-sized embedded images into your artwork, sharper and enhanced airbrush skills, and more.

Learn how to do custom paint jobs on your die-cast scale model hot-rods.

You'll learn:

  • Advanced airbrush techniques
  • How to deal with tip-dry
  • How to work with opaque colors
  • How to flush your airbrush
  • How to correct mistakes
  • How to work with low air pressures
  • How to work with House of Kolor paints
  • Breathing control
  • Use of Stabilo pencils
  • Drills for micro airbrush mastery
  • How to avoid color spreading
  • How to mix paint for micro airbrushing
  • Use of gravity and bottom feed airbrushes
  • How to gauge your airbrush from the surface
  • Hood to render a dragon mural and graphic onto a small-scale car
  • How to prep and degrease a model car’s surface
  • How to improve your freehand airbrush skills
  • Paint to thinner mixing ratios
  • Use of retarder
  • How to properly remove masks
  • How to prevent pulling up paint with masks
Robert Benedict (1963-2007) had been airbrushing for more than thirty years and he opperated Black Dog Custom Paint & Airbrush, a successful kustom paint shop in Utah that specializes in planes, helicopters and bikes. Mr Benedict was an instructor at the prestigious Airbrush Getaway workshops, and can be seen in two other DVDs: Biker Skull and Dynamic Lighting F/X. He was considered by Airbrush Action magazine and many of his peers to be among the best custom painters in the world. He will be sorely missed by his family, brethren, students, and industry.