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Createx Illustration - Colour Wheel Set 18 x 1oz (30ml)
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Airbrush Charity Christmas Cards in aid of Cancer Research UK
878.73 Raised
since 30.10.2011
Operator Face Mask with active carbon filter
3.60 inc.VAT
(3.00 ex.VAT)

The picture shows the mask in a grey colour, but we have now upgraded the mask to the same mask with a green-coloured water-resistant coating.

You need good ventilation for spray tanning. We also recommend wearing face masks to protect against the proportion of particles that escape extraction by your ventilation or air filtration system, remaining airborne. Face masks are the last line of defence against airborne particles to protect the health of yourself and your client.

The therapist mask has the additional protection of a charcoal filter for removing perfume vapour. You will be exposed to the tanning mist longer than each of your clients, so the extra protection is desirable. If your client suffers from respiratory disorders such as asthma, the therapist mask will offer greater protection than the client mask, but we recommend that they consult their doctor first.

The mask should be worn for the duration spent in the tanning room or enclosure, although you will need to ask the client to hold their breath while they remove their mask to spray their face. Offering face masks to clients shows them that you take your health and safety responsibilites seriously and that you do not take unnecessary risks.

These face masks filter particulates up to a concentration of 10 times the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) of the sprayed product. Without the masks your extraction system would need to have an extraction rate ten times greater, which could be prohibitively expensive to install. Face masks allow you to opt for a cost-effective and space-saving unit, such as the SolarEx A200T air filtration unit or similarly specified extractor.

Tanning solutions should all be non-toxic, but each should have an Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) established. As each tanning product may have different ingredients, you should ask your provider 'What is the OEL of the product?' or 'What are the minimum requirements for extraction and face masks?'. All spray tanning systems deliver the product onto the client by airborn particles, so be wary of any that claim not to require extraction or masks. And if you opt for a product which claims not to need masks, then there's nothing to stop you taking the extra precautions.

St. Tropez, one of the leading brands, are very proactive on the Health and Safety issues. They recommend using face masks and good ventilation. When using St. Tropez through an airbrush as recommended, the therapsit mask can be worn for 12 applications (or until perfume is smelt) and the minimum extraction rate required is 270m/hr to accompany the use of the face masks. Any extraction rate above that will provide extra safety margin, comfort and cleanliness of the environment.

The face masks are class FFP2 particulate respirators conforming to EN 149:2001.

Availability In Stock
Delivery 1 to 3 working days for orders within the UK.
Please click here for shipping information for UK and overseas.
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Airbrush Charity Christmas Cards in aid of Cancer Research UK
878.73 Raised
since 30.10.2011
We Accept
01.Particulate Prefilter for R300
02.R300 Twin carbon filter face mask
03.Operator Face Mask with active carbon filter
04.Filter for R300 & R300-TWIN - organic gases / vapours
05.R300 single carbon filter face mask

The Airbrush Company Ltd is the UK distributor of Iwata airbrushes and compressors, Medea, Zazzo, Artool, LifeColor, and Premi-Air products.
We also distribute X-Acto, Createx, Auto-Air, Paasche and Badger.